Monday, March 14, 2011


On Friday afternoon at about 2:45 Japan had an earthquake, which has now been determined to be magnitude 9, the strongest earthquake Japan has experienced (since they've been measuring). I was siting at my desk when my school started to shake, though nothing like in the areas around Sendai (see map below).

For my area, it was like being on a boat, everything was shaking, yet nothing was falling. It was kind of exciting. After it was over, I did what I always do and got online to find out how big it was (yes, I've felt other earthquakes, but never as big as this). Usually earthquakes in Japan do relatively little damage and are kind of exciting. I knew this one was different though, when we experienced so many aftershocks - not even very many compared to those near Sendai.

Following the earthquake and the aftershocks, we started watching TV at school and spotted the Tsunami warnings. Luckily, I live inland and far from the earthquakes. My live has been relatively unaffected.

The earthquake has caused a huge mess near Sendai. If you have resources to give to the Red Cross or another reputable agency which can move funds over to help, every little bit will be appreciated by those who have been affected.

The map below shows about where I live and where the earthquake was. I am lucky to be in a place that has been impacted very little.

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