Sunday, October 25, 2009

Obihiro Worship Workshop

So in an effort to not send out another eight page long email, I’m going to try to update my blog more often and let you read my updates here. Then the people who are reading these via facebook, will have an easier time, since they update to facebook.

Today, I went with my High School JTE to her church in Obihiro. They were having a Worship Workshop. I had no idea what it was, but it sounded like it could be fun and I would get to come and visit my JTE’s church.

We got there a little late, so she didn’t get to introduce me to any of the people from her church. It turned out that we were working on Southern Gospel style music, in English (with the exception of two songs). It was exactly what I needed. It was so encouraging to sing praises, which I understood, to the Lord. They contained such simple truths of faith and it was a good time to connect with other believers.

I loved that we sang the song, “As the Deer.” Which I love the song in English, but I first heard it when I was in Japan the first time and we sang it with the church I attended while I was here in high school.

I felt completely welcomed by this church. I was only there for one event and I received hugs as I left, something I have been missing with all of my close family and friends thousands of miles away.

Because it was so late when we left, we decided to get dinner in Obihiro. My JTE thought we should go to a good restaurant she knew. She said it was “Asian” food. Kind of made me want to giggle, because isn’t anything we eat in Japan going to be “Asian” food?  We went and it wasn’t just Japanese food! I had Pad Thai. I was quite excited to have something that I didn’t have to make that I was used to making at home.