Thursday, July 15, 2010

A trip to Furano

This weekend I have two awesome friends coming to visit, since neither one has a car and they both have decently long journeys, I decided I wanted to be able to provide towels for the two of them. Owning two towels already, I needed another.

After school, I set out for Furano to hit up their Homac and grab a towel and a few other things I wanted to have on hand before I have friends visit.

On the way to Furano, I have to pass through two tiny towns, not big enough to have memorable names, but big enough to slow down for, as well as Yamabe, which is big enough to have two combinis (hear the jealousy in my voice?).

Just before I reached Yamabe (I was about 3/4 of the way there), I reached into my purse for something (probably a music player of some sort) and realized I hadn't brought my wallet.

Living in Japan that not only means I didn't have money to buy the items I wanted, but I was driving illegally (no license), was illegally just being (we're supposed to carry our gaijin/foreigner card EVERYWHERE), and I didn't have my insurance card. All big no-no's.

So half an hour into my drive, I turned around to do it again. I got home, grabbed my wallet from my backpack (when did it escape from my purse to my backpack?) and turned around to go back to Furano.

It all turned out ok in the end. I even decided on the second trip in to stop and try and capture the beauty of the sky. While that picture wasn't so interesting, this one was: