Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A terrible tea time

Yesterday, my day started with one goal: fill this mug with tea.

First, I had to decide which kind of tea I wanted, I decided that the Apple Tea in my drawer sounded nice, so I took my mug to the hot water machine.
As I stood up, I knocked over the empty bottle that was sitting on my desk, waiting to be recycled.
There, I opened the tea. Should have been simple, right? Well, as I went to pull the bag out, loose tea went everywhere – I had been pinching the bag between my fingers in my attempt to pull it out.
Try again, I went back for my other bag of apple tea. Next, I dropped my mug. Thankfully, it’s a travel mug, so I didn’t actually break anything.

After all of this, I finally managed to fill my mug with hot water and the tea smelled so good! I couldn’t wait to drink it.
Finally, I had tea in my mug, right? What else could go wrong? Well, as I went to walk and put the lid on the mug, I dropped the lid and managed to spill some tea.
After a tea excursion that should have been much simpler, I finally made it back with a 3/4 full mug of apple tea.