Friday, June 11, 2010

I think it's been a while since I posted

Currently I feel a bit like this:

Why you ask?

Well, the other day my "." key was sticking. So I popped it off to clean under it (previously I had a bit of dust under another key and it didn't work quite right.

I cleaned under the key and attempted to pop it back on. Apparently, with this computer if you pop a key off wrong, you can't get it back on. Subsequently, I've put the key back on to no avail. Still the key comes back off. Today, I think I hit the end of getting it back on, when I broke another bit of a prong that was holding it down (in trying to put it on again).

Boo! Now my keyboard looks something like this:

(Hopefully I'll have a real update soon).

UPDATE: I ordered and received a new keyboard key. My keyboard is now fixed and I no longer feel like my pencil is broken.