Friday, May 27, 2011

A fun prank

Everyday after school, my students clean the school. During that time, my job is essentially to be present. If I offer to help, I'm almost always turned down.

So, I generally make it my job to do ridiculous ALT things.

Today I was closing the door that the students go into to take out the recycling, and then standing in the way of them opening it again - this is a door with clear windows, so the students could quite easily see who was causing trouble. But in true crazy ALT fashion, I pretended not to notice that they were asking me to move out of the way (at least the first time).

The first student had a good laugh. The next made opening motions (and didn't squish my toes trying to open it). The last student was the best though. She is a first year and is generally very shy. She was laughing so hard she almost fell over.

My conclusion is that laughter is our common language.