Tuesday, June 21, 2011

An accident

Almost two weeks ago, there was a car accident on the highway near the school. It was fairly serious because they had to call for a helicopter to take the victim to the hospital.

My town is so small though, that we don’t have a heli-pad for the helicopter to land on, so they landed the helicopter on our school field. It made for an interesting afternoon.

First, our local firefighters came over to have a look and hang some sort of flag to tell the helicopter where to land.
2011-06-09 Dr Heli 01

After that, it was a bit of a wait before we even caught sight of the helicopter.
2011-06-09 Dr Heli 04

It landed.
2011-06-09 Dr Heli 06

The joys of living in a small town. Our kyoikucho (Superintendent) came out on his bicycle to see what was happening.
2011-06-09 Dr Heli 11

After a very long wait to see what would happen, they flew off with the person and a small child. But knowing what little I know about health care, I was surprised at how long the ambulance sat next to the helicopter before they transferred the person.
2011-06-09 Dr Heli 13

The details that I heard were this: a bus and a small k-car (like a smart car) were in an accident.

As I heard what little I did and saw some of the aftermath, I was quite thankful that so many people advised me against getting a small k-car. My car is fairly huge and if I were in an accident, my odds would be decently good.