Sunday, June 19, 2011

A new toy!

A few weeks ago, I realized that I really wanted to upgrade my camera. I started talking to my parents about it to see what they thought – my original plan was to pay off my student loans before I bought a new camera.
They encouraged me to go for it.

After a lot of debate, I ended up deciding on the Nikon D5100.
(Photo found here)

When it arrived, I found that it came in typical packaging and that the Amazon box was about twice the size of everything I ordered. Then, it was shrink-wrapped and stuck to a piece of cardboard. Once I got that open, I also had the fun of opening all the tiny boxes that come in the big Nikon box. But the surprises were good and once it was finally out of the packaging, I had a new camera to try out. So I grabbed my camera and my bike and went out for a photo-ride.

Here are some of the results.

My first shot: a dandelion. I liked the way the light was hitting it. Though it surprised me because the thing I was most unsure about with the D5100 was the screen that moved. But it was super helpful with this shot.
2011-06-08 New Camera 01
A rock
2011-06-08 New Camera 04
I took a bunch of others, but these were my favorites. Keep watching my flickr page to see more recent photos.