Sunday, May 20, 2012

366 project: The End

As you read the title to this blog, you might be thinking, “366 Project: The End, what? Doesn’t a year have 52 weeks? And wasn’t the last week you posted number 9?”

The above is, of course, all true. The problem is I keep being hit with the idea, “You can be good at everything, just not all at once.” No idea if it’s quote I should be giving credit to someone for, but I’ve seen it several places around the internet lately.

God seems to be drilling in the idea that my time is finite and I only have so much, so how am I going to spend it?

I want to have time for people and less on my “To Do” list. I want to be free to share life with people and not always have other things I have to get finished before I can invite people in – this is one of the big reasons I felt like I needed to stay another year.

Anyways, the 366 project was increasingly becoming a point of stress because I was always behind – I may try starting again at a point in the year when I’m not going to end up starting out behind.

As much as that may, someday, happen. I’ve realized that I want to free up the time I was spending editing compulsory photos that I didn’t like very much, to learn how to use my new photo editing software, Lightroom. It seems like it should fit well with the 366 project, and maybe it would if I was having an easier time staying up on the project, but I wasn’t and they weren’t playing well together.

Anyways, with that no longer on my to-do list, look for more photo blogs with my random adventures.

2012-03-02 Snow 010