Thursday, May 24, 2012

NZ Adventures 2: Arrival and a wedding!

After arriving in the NZ airport, my plane buddy and I found our way to the shuttle and off we went in the direction of two people’s houses, one person’s hotel and a restaurant.

This was my first view of NZ. Not the best photo as it was taken out of a car, but isn’t it pretty?

2012-04-20 New Zealand 003
I’m sure the restaurant people thought I was crazy dragging my suitcase into the restaurant, but I managed to make it shortly after the group had sat down for dinner.

My across the table buddy, Davy, and I shared two pizzas – first the one she ordered and then the one I ordered. They were both so good!
(Photos below taken by Dolly)
Taken by Dolly2012-04-19 NZ Dolly 078

After the dinner, we all headed to our various places of sleep. My group headed to the bed and breakfast we were staying at. I was glad that was our next stop, because I was tired and gross from so much time in the air and airports.

Early the next morning, we headed for Capernway, the Bible School where Ben & Mel had met and started dating. (Photo by Dolly)

2012-04-19 NZ Dolly 047

The first couple of hours at the school were prep – setting up the area for the reception and prepping food. As people worked, I took tons of photos of the area where the rehearsal dinner would be held, and a few of the area for the wedding.

2012-04-21 Ben and Mel Wedding 126

There were three photographers – one who was only there for the wedding and shots after, B and myself. B knew the bride better so she took the photos of the ladies getting ready, while I took the guys – I knew the groom better.

The guys were a lot of fun to hang with – it was the groom, his brother, Josh, Dan and Dan (yes, they have the same first name).

2012-04-21 Ben and Mel Wedding 130

We originally took a bunch of photos of the boys with the super harsh mid-day sun, but when they started pinning the flowers on their jackets, I realized how amazing the light right there was and that we needed to take a few more – luckily I had willing subjects!

2012-04-21 Ben and Mel Wedding 210

A group shot.

2012-04-21 Ben and Mel Wedding 215

Despite being the rainy season, the day was cloud-less and gorgeous – I think a few of us may have even managed to get a bit sunburnt (probably those of us who live in a place where we have snow for half the year). 

2012-04-21 Ben and Mel Wedding 078

Look how excited Ben is as he’s waiting for Mel to come down the aisle.

2012-04-21 Ben and Mel Wedding 255

Here she comes!

2012-04-21 Ben and Mel Wedding 258

The gorgeous ceremony!

2012-04-21 Ben and Mel Wedding 287

Apparently Ben’s fingers grew before the wedding, Mel had a super hard time getting the ring on his finger.

2012-04-21 Ben and Mel Wedding 312

The whole group.

2012-04-21 Ben and Mel Wedding 348

Afterwards we took photos for about two hours of Ben & Mel and the wedding party, they were a good group, putting up with us photographers even when it started to turn a bit cold.

2012-04-21 Ben and Mel Wedding 370

Of course we needed proof that I was at the wedding too.

2012-04-21 Ben and Mel Wedding 546

The car they left in!

2012-04-21 Ben and Mel Wedding 580

Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs. R!