Saturday, November 24, 2012

Meeting a Creeper

Tonight I was walking around to find something for dinner. As is always the case, when I am by myself and have too many choices, I just can't make a choice, and then I get hungrier and, in the winter, colder until I just pick something.

As I was walking around looking at my map and trying to see what was recommended via Foursquare all while cursing Apple Maps, I heard "大丈夫?" (Are you ok?).

I said yes, and expected the guy to keep moving when he didn't my sense of hmmm went up.

He said somethings and said his age then asked are you the same age? No.

How old are you? 27.

Did you go swimming tonight? No.

I'm sitting here thinking this is an odd question and can't figure out what's up with this strange guy as he continues to talk to me, asking the same thing a couple more times and then I realize that my hair is wet and it's freezing out - 0C/32F.

Are you wearing a swimsuit? (he looks me up and down) No.

Why is your hair wet? Onsen (Japanese bath).

Do you have long hair? Kind-of.

How long? I gesture that's about shoulder length.

At this point he reaches out to touch my hair and I lean away.

He finally seems to get the fact that I don't really want to talk, gives me a high five and walks away.

Even though I pay attention to what's around me, I rarely meet creepers. Usually when people walk up and want to have long-ish conversations with me at random times, it's to practice their English or talk to a random foreigner. This guy didn't even seem to notice I was a foreigner - the conversation was entirely in Japanese and I don't think he asked me once where I was from.

After that I was on high alert for creepers, when a guy followed me down a row of tiny shops, I was wondering what I was going to do if he continued to follow me and turned when I got to the next road. He of course, didn't - I was just a bit paranoid because of my strange encounter a few minutes before.

Eventually I realized how cold my hair actually was and how cold the temperature was and that I needed to make a decision, I landed in a shop I had been in before for the local specialty.