Thursday, April 24, 2014

Great is his faithfulness

2014-04-24 22.40.58

Such an amazing day! The Lord showed his love in so many small ways today.

The sun was shining, it was really nice getting to look at how everything changes in early spring on my drive to work this morning – I went to my most distant school.

I got to watch in amazement as two of my more shy students already had figured out the pattern for counting above 20 and as they figured out what most of the lower-case letters were without any help.

I got to introduce myself to a new teacher and encourage my 5th graders who will have English once a week from here on out.

After class, I wanted to snap some pictures of the koi-nobori (the fish flags) so I walked around and took a few pictures.

Right as I was finishing, my adorable 3rd and 4th graders came out and were so excited to see me they came running up and invited me to pick flowers with them. Since I had a bit of time before I had to be back, I agreed. I got to walk around with them in the warm sunshine and laugh and giggle.

They gave me a small bouquet of flowers which is now sitting on my table.

I got to sing praises to the Lord in the car on the way back to school.

When I arrived back at school, I got to plan for a speaking test I’ll be running. I’m so excited to be allowed to be a real teacher in these classes.

After lunch, I received a small pile of letters from the 4 students who have been writing to me everyday since we started our English Passport system.

I got to laugh with the teachers as we watched one totally clueless student clean the mirrors – they were worse when he finished.

It was a day filled with small reminders of God’s love.