Friday, February 25, 2011

Abashiri Drift Ice Trip

This year, the drift ice decided it wanted to come out and play.

A few weeks ago, 5 of us piled into my car and headed east to see the drift ice that we had only heard about because last year it refused to come out for us.

This time, after a stop for onsen and Indian food, we made our way to the dock to see what we could see.

First, we spotted our boat!

2011-02-05 Drift Ice 01

We went out just as some friends came in on this boat (we didn’t know though).

2011-02-05 Drift Ice 09

After we left the dock, we saw the ice in the distance.

2011-02-05 Drift Ice 17

Slowly, we got closer.

2011-02-05 Drift Ice 19

Until we were surrounded.

2011-02-05 Drift Ice 27

My thoughts, of course, went to the Titanic. Thankfully, we didn’t go down in the icy water!

After the cruise, a few of us got drift ice flavored ice cream. (The right side is blue and Japanese soda flavor)

2011-02-05 Drift Ice 61

I spotted this after I separated from the group in Asahikawa.

2011-02-06 Travels 06