Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Today’s fun in the snow

Last week the main English teacher at one of my elementary schools invited me to build snowmen with the students, and told me to “wear ski gear.”

So today I arrived and found that we were indeed making snowmen. But of course, it had to be more organized than just “we’re making snowmen.”

The goal: make the tallest snowman in 20 minutes.

First we spread out all over the field.

2010-02-15 Ochiai Snow 04

Then we began packing the snow to make snowballs. The snow in my area is light and fluffy. I was having a terrible time at getting it to pack.

2010-02-15 Ochiai Snow 06

But N knew just what to do to make a giant snowball.

2010-02-15 Ochiai Snow 07

So did S.

2010-02-15 Ochiai Snow 08

He was having about as much luck as I was.

2010-02-15 Ochiai Snow 10

The vice principal had the right idea. He piled up lots of tiny snowballs to make a big snowman!

2010-02-15 Ochiai Snow 12

In the end, the kids picked up their snowmen and carried them over to decide the winner.

After the snowman building contest, we had a very organized snowball fight. I didn’t catch the rules but we had two teams and had 2 minutes to make snowballs before the “fight'” began.

It was a fun afternoon in the snow!