Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another snow adventure

Today’s snow adventure brings us to the field with another one of my tiny elementary schools. It was another teacher’s “Waku-waku” time. I don’t have any clue what “waku-waku” time is, except that it means whoever is in charge of it (student or teacher) they get to choose what we do, and it’s usually something active.

Today Yamada-sensei got to choose. She’s a tiny little 22-year-old from Asahikawa (she’s absolutely adorable!).

So everyone headed over to get their snow gear on . . . except the ALT. Unfortunately, I only got to watch today because I hadn’t know we would be going out and didn’t bring snow gear or a change of clothes. It was still fun to watch.

We started out with the customary, line up. Yamada-sensei addressed all 8 kids that go to this school and told them the plan.

Shimokin Snow Soccer 002

The plan was to do a relay with a soccer ball, going out to the cone, bringing it back and then handing it off.

Since I couldn’t even out the teams, the principal decided to take pictures instead.

Shimokin Snow Soccer 003

The snow was deeper than he anticipated!

M runs with the ball to the end.

Shimokin Snow Soccer 009

Yamada-sensei is up to her knees in snow.

Shimokin Snow Soccer 010

Owari-desu! (It’s over).

Shimokin Snow Soccer 020