Monday, August 1, 2011

Last day of year two

We started the day with a stop at my bagel shop.
Lake Festival 001

Then we headed to my town festival, my choir sang a few songs as a part of it.
Lake Festival 010

A couple of my friends hung out after we sang together.
Lake Festival 035

As we listened to music and watched the events on the stage, we met many of my students, most of whom I convinced to introduce themselves in English to my various friends. I was quite surprised to see how many people came out for this festival.

This group came for the evening – don’t worry none of them are missing any teeth, It’s just seaweed.
Lake Festival 048Lake Festival 049Lake Festival 050

By dinner time, the crowd was huge, possibly more than the entire population of my town.
Lake Festival 054

The day ended with fireworks.
Lake Festival 104Lake Festival 181Lake Festival 218
he lake fireworks were incredible, I’ve never seen a place light fireworks as though they are coming out of water.
Lake Festival 253

And the light “waterfall.” Also amazing, though possibly more so if the wind had been better at carrying the smoke away.
Lake Festival 309

Lake Festival 313

Lake Festival 375
An amazing end to another year in Hokkaido. It will be fun to see what next year brings.