Wednesday, March 7, 2012

366 project, week 7

(43/366) Hand and foot.

(44/366) The colors really drew my eye to this, so I decided to see if I could capture it. Also, I love the falling snow signs, because I can read them!

(45/366) Not the most exciting, but one of my elementary teachers challenged all 4 of us – 2 teachers, 1 fifth grader and 1 sixth grader – to create English Doraemon comics.

(46/366) How much help is your shovel if it’s buried in the snow?

From 366 Project - 2012

(47/366) The ski hill in town.

(48/366) I couldn’t stop the reflections in the glass from impeding my photo of the lights in Sapporo, so I gave up and decided to try to capture the teachers I was with in the shot too.

(49/366) Buckle up for safety!