Monday, February 27, 2012

366 Project, Week 6

(36/366) The super tiny produce section in my local grocery store. Thankfully it was full this time when I went in. (Side note, I’m now 1/10 of the way finished with this project – wow!)

(37/366) It was bento day at the junior high school. So I packed up my lunch and put it in my cute bento box.

(38/366) Was trying to see if I could stop the snow. Not really the greatest of pictures.

(39/366) I was staring at my banana saying “I know I should eat it, but I really want something sweet.” This is the result.

(40/366) What my desk looked like that day – lots of Japanese study and tea, not a lot going on at the elementary school. This is actually what a lot of my days look like.

(41/366) My favorite buttons in the staffroom! Push the smaller of the two pink ones and then the bigger one and hot water comes out! In the winter time, they are so wonderful because a hot cup of tea is my favorite way to spend slow afternoons.

(42/366) I spent the weekend with some friends. One was trying to make Valentines Chocolate for her husband and co-workers. We were her test subjects (pretty good role to play in the making of chocolates).