Sunday, February 12, 2012

366 Project, Week 4

What a start to a year! In the first 6 weeks, I had a whirl-wind visit home, got really sick, didn’t re-contract and crashed my car. I’ve managed to keep up with most of the 366 project photos, but I haven’t been so good about posting them.

During week four, I finished with the weird illness I had again.

20120122Kindle 001

(22/366) I continued to be sick and spent tons of time reading on my new Kindle. Since I was around my house, I decided to see what happened if it ran out of batteries, entirely. The photo above is the result, and the only photo I took that day.

(23/366) Continued illness and an unhelpful doctor’s visit – it was decided even after I got really sick that I had a cold.

2012-01-24 Jeans  008

(24/366) What does one see all day when they’re sick on the couch? Oneself, of course! Here are my jeans.

2012-01-25 Jacket  001

(25/366) My new winter jacket. One of the reasons I liked it was the textured pattern it had.

2012-01-26 Shimokin 009

(26/366) Back to school – finally! This was on my beautiful drive home from the school that is the farthest from where I live and I love the drive.

2012-01-27 Pen  006

(27/366) I signed my contracts today with a pen similar to this, it was a hard decision. I will be leaving the JET program in August and most likely Japan, too. I’ll be sad to leave my town, friends I’ve made here and to not be able to study Japanese so easily, but I’m super excited to be back in a place where good friends don’t live so far away.

2012-01-28 Day with Ros 025

(28/366) I met a friend in the town near mine today. The sky was so bright and the LCD screen on the back was so hard to see, I decided to shoot in raw. This is the first photo I’ve taken from start to end in editing in raw. The clouds that day were so amazing.