Monday, February 20, 2012

Fun times

This evening my neighbor R, who went boarding with invited me over after Eikaiwa (my adult English class). She bought some cake this weekend and decided to share it with me. (yum!)

After cake, we were talking and somehow parts of speech came up. She was surprised when I asked about it and I explained that usually in America we don't straight out study them, but we do things like mad libs that make us learn them. I was kind of explaining the game, but she didn't seem to be getting it, so I decided we should try it. The first one was the funniest and luckily she understood it pretty easily. (The next one was about the beach and required a lot more understanding of American culture). 

Here's what she came up with (the formatting is a bit weird): 


Once upon a/an cell phone (NOUN), there were three little pigs. The first little pig was very pretty (ADJECTIVE), and he built a house for himself out of cds (PLURAL NOUN).

The second little pig was handsome (ADJECTIVE), and he built a house out of body soap (PLURAL NOUN). But the third little pig was very sweet (ADJECTIVE), and he built his house out of genuine boots (PLURAL NOUN).

Well one day, a mean old wolf came along and saw the houses. 'how! (EXCLAMATION!)' he said. 'I’ll move (VERB) and I’ll hike (VERB) and I’ll blow your house down.' And he blew down the first little pig’s butterfly (NOUN) and the second little pig’s surf board (PLURAL NOUN). The two little pigs ran to the third pig’s house. Thereupon, the wolf began blowing, but he couldn’t blow down the third little pig’s heater (NOUN) house.

So he drove (VERB - PAST TENSE) off into the forest, and the three little happy (ADJECTIVE) pigs moved to Chicago and went into the sausage business.

Giving credit: This came from the iphone app.