Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A day in Furano

The day started with meeting a friend at the station just before lunch time. After we met, we went and found the visitor’s guide that now features us!

While in the visitor’s center, we spotted a flier for Furano Burger and said let’s go there for lunch, we’d both heard good things.

2012-01-28 Day with Ros 028

R’s favorite Japanese past time is looking through the Café books they put out. Here she’s found the one that featured this café and is investigating thoroughly.

2012-01-28 Day with Ros 029

After I went looking for some good photos around the shop, our food came. This is the standard Furano burger.

2012-01-28 Day with Ros 040

When we finished our food, we went on some not so exciting errands and then headed up to the New Prince Hotel area to visit Ninguru Terrace – the perfect place for a stroll in the winter snow. And when it’s not Christmas or birthday shopping time, a cheap place to explore.

2012-01-28 Day with Ros 047

When you walk up, these snowmen greet you – on one side of the map, they say Ninguru Terrace. On the other side, they say “he yokoso” (welcome to). Such a fun way to enter.

2012-01-28 Day with Ros 049

The snow and being in the middle of the forest was so pretty!

2012-01-28 Day with Ros 058

Watch out for bears!

2012-01-28 Day with Ros 059

More snow, cottages and stairs!

2012-01-28 Day with Ros 060

After our walk around we had gotten cold enough we decided it was time to go check out the last of the Onsen in Furano we hadn’t visited – the one in the New Prince Hotel.

Their onsen wasn’t particularly huge or with lots of baths, but it had a lot of nice resting areas.

When we came back out we saw the night lights of the terrace and decided it warranted a quick walk through, just enough to take a few pictures and head to the car.

2012-01-28 Day with Ros 074

2012-01-28 Day with Ros 078

2012-01-28 Day with Ros 079

The lights made everything look so magical.