Tuesday, February 21, 2012

366 Project, Week 5

2012-01-29 Sunday  006

(29/366) A sign I drive by regularly for an old rest stop that has since closed down. It has several old vending machines inside and a window that used to be for ordering Bentos (what the sign says).

2012-01-30 After school  005

(30/366) I was driving home and realized I still hadn’t taken a photo for the day. I spotted this scene and knew I wanted to capture it.

2012-01-31 Kita Ochiai 021
(31/366) Driving back from an elementary school, I spotted this scene. I wanted to capture it but the power poles kept getting in the way. I decided to try and embrace them and see what happened.

2012-02-01 Dinner  008
(32/365) I made sweet and sour chicken for dinner and wasn’t super happy with the results, so I decided to see what affect flash would have on the photo. Using my wireless flash, I was able to make my dinner stand out more and the background darker.

2012-02-02 Snow  020
(33/366) After my success with the sweet and sour, I decided to see if I could isolate the strawberries. I liked the results.

2012-02-03 Random  006

(34/366) If it’s the breakfast of champions, can it also be the dinner of champions?


(35/366) This was the fun part of the day – I went snowboarding with two of my students. One is about the same height as me and the other is super, super short (and cute!).