Thursday, June 7, 2012

NZ Adventures 4: Paeroa

On Monday, Dan took the car to Auckland to take Josh to the airport to fly out. We had him drop us off in Paeroa (read: Pie-row-a) on his way.

We wandered the town. After leaving my tiny town of about 3,000, seeing how alive Paeroa is at 4,000 people had me amazed. I had to take a picture of how lively the little downtown street was.

2012-04-23 New Zealand 005

2012-04-23 New Zealand 009

Paeroa is home to the NZ famous L&P soda (Lemon and Paeroa). In American terms, it’s kind of like lemonade meets soda, not like sprite or 7up.

2012-04-23 New Zealand 016

Look who’s inside that L&P bottle.

2012-04-23 New Zealand 023

Palm trees and a park. I want to live somewhere that palm trees can grow in my neighborhood park!

2012-04-23 New Zealand 027

L&P sign on the side of a building.

2012-04-23 New Zealand 030

If I ever own a used bookstore, I think I’d like to label them pre-loved instead of used.

2012-04-23 New Zealand 033

For lunch we went to a café with a million different delicious looking choices . . . I wanted to try every single dessert.

2012-04-23 New Zealand 035

I sat with Dolly and Gene – a very fun pair.

2012-04-22 NZ Dolly 211

Look at how big this cake is! I didn’t try it, but this is where I first discovered slice, my new favorite dessert, but I forgot to take a picture of my own dessert.

2012-04-23 New Zealand 034

After lunch, we continued our wander through town. We ended up in the shop of a guy who spins wood, like a potter spins clay. It was really cool to watch him work.

2012-04-23 New Zealand 045

He uses some sort of vacuum system to attach the bowl (or what he’s spinning) to the “wheel.” And then he goes to work.

2012-04-23 New Zealand 047

Watch out for stray wood chips!

2012-04-23 New Zealand 051

It’s the Nikown! Like Nikon and Cow had a baby, Nikown!

2012-04-23 New Zealand 066

Even McDonalds has a NZ theme!

2012-04-23 New Zealand 067

Doesn’t Paeroa have a cute post office? We went in and they had all their postcards on sale – a dangerous thing for me!

2012-04-23 New Zealand 072

Positive Paeroa Office.

2012-04-23 New Zealand 074

Since it was fall in NZ, they had my new (since coming to Japan) favorite fall fruit – Persimmons! Of course, I had to get one.

2012-04-23 New Zealand 080

We ended our day around town with a ride in a taxi back to the B&B. We got a surprise and our taxi driver used to live just down the road from where the B&B is located. We thought she had missed the turn for our B&B, but it turned out she was showing us where she lived.

After our day in town, we decided to play a game of Scrabble. After all the Words With Friends I’ve been playing with mom and my uncle, it turns out I’m better than I expect at Scrabble these days – I somehow managed to win!

2012-04-23 NZ Dolly 215