Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Summer Adventures: Sunflowers

Unless something changes, I’ve just begun my last year in this town, so I’m trying to remember to take all the photos that I’m always too busy to stop and take.
多分今年は私の最後の年、この町に。 だから、「いつもこの写真を撮りたいけど、次回に撮ると」思う写真を撮る。

The sunflowers on the way to one of my small schools are one of those shots. Every year, along the highway between my house and the school, someone plants a huge field of sunflowers. I always think I’ll take a photo next time and then it’s raining or something. So the other day, I stopped for a photo.

2013-08-22 Sunflowers 001

I wasn’t the only one with this idea. While I was there several cars stopped for photos. Most of them stayed on the road, though, meaning not as good of shots.

2013-08-22 Sunflowers 017

A few close-ups.

2013-08-22 Sunflowers 021

A line of sunflowers.

2013-08-22 Sunflowers 023

Sunflowers are so gorgeous.