Monday, May 5, 2014

Okinawa, day 4

On the fourth day in Okinawa, we flew back to mainland Okinawa, picked up our rental car and headed out.


Our first stop was a Michi-no-eki. Unfortunately they didn't have stamps or magnets, but they did have passion fruit, which I had never had fresh. 


After that we headed north. Between the airport and Nagao City, there were lots of interesting things. Here there are Katsuo flags for Children's Day. 


After a pretty easy drive, we arrived at the aquarium, just in time for the last two hours and the discount. 


Our timing was perfect because it wasn't very crowded. 

I've been to the Oregon Coast Aquarium, but this aquarium was really cool because of all the tropical fish and the giant fish tank filled with huge animals.