Monday, May 13, 2013

First homework assignment

Last night I finished my first homework assignment, and actually today I’m almost finished with my homework until Sunday!

The first assignment was to make a timeline of L2 learning (for me Japanese). Many of the events are recent and while I've been in Japan. Here are a few of them.

Leaving for the JET program, with not nearly as much Japanese as I would actually want to have.
JET Programのため日本へ引っ越した。その時日本語あまりできなかった。自己紹介だけぐらい。

new 001

The garbage poster. Figuring out how to sort my garbage was a difficult thing.

Garbage 01

Riding the train. I was so worried about getting lost that I used wikipedia to look up all the city kanji and put them in my phone’s ‘notes.’ 

09-23 Sapporo 6

Coming back my first year and realizing how much my Japanese abilities had grown (my first ski lessons were my first weekend back).

01-15 Ski1 5a

Joining choir. I could barely keep up when I first got here, and even though I’m still far from perfect, I have a lot of fun singing with these ladies.

2010-09-17 Choir 1

Going to see the lavender fields and telling people we were doing ‘hanami,’ which means ‘flower viewing’ but it’s specific to cherry blossoms.

2012-05-05 2012-05-05 Hakodate 099

My car accident. It was a major pain, BUT I was able to explain what happened in Japanese! 
Thankfully God provided and I didn't have to try to explain to my supervisor – a family in town showed up and took care of me.

2012-02-04 Snowy Drive  011

Moving on up to intermediate level textbooks!

2012-02-09 Shimokin 037

Learning the word for snow plow and finally being able to use it. I have no snow plow pictures that I could find, so the dump truck of snow was the best picture – dump trucks of snow were completely unfathomable when I lived in the Portland area.

2012-03-02 Snow 039

Finishing two novels – Alice in Wonderland and The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.

2012-11-05 14.56.47

2013-03-11 11.14.10

And, best of all, making Japanese friends and being able to talk to them!

2011-09-15 Kana & Mina 004

2012-03-01 Grad Enkai 042

2013-04-20 2013-04-20 Aya Surprise 044