Monday, May 20, 2013

A Lazy Bento

Yesterday, I remembered that today was bento day at 5pm in a supermarket in Sapporo. Thankfully there were a lot of food choices. I bought bread and the stuff to make a salad.

I got home at 9pm and didn't care to put much effort into making a bento.

Here is what my bento looked like today.

2013-05-20 12.14.41

Bread and salad with pecans and basil dressing.

2013-05-20 12.16.34

I thought I was buying whole wheat bread, instead I got “black sugar” bread. It tasted like maple syrup. It was good, but didn't exactly go with basil dressing.
全麦パンが買ったと思ったけど、黒砂糖パンが買った。 メープルシロップ味があった。 美味しかったけど、ベジャールドレシングがあった。

As much as I didn't want to make a bento yesterday, I was glad today was bento day when I saw today’s lunch menu. Natto. Bento day for the win!