Friday, July 22, 2011

The 9 things platter

R, H and I were quite undecided as to what to order for dinner one night at an Italian restaurant on our way to a friend’s house.

We decided to share pasta, a salad and the 9 things platter they suggested as an appetizer.

The platter was full of delicious foods that came in tiny sizes such as this:
2011-07-08 Friday 20

Each looked amazing, but we debated the best way to share a platter of 9 tiny things.

After a bit of debate about asking for a fork or trying to use a spoon to cut it, we decided the easiest thing was going to be for each of us to take a bite.

And so, R, H and I shared 9 tiny things.

2011-07-08 Friday 23

Squid is not so easy to eat with braces . . .
2011-07-08 Friday 24

And then we got dessert . . .
2011-07-08 Friday 27

Cheesecake, apple tart, and caramel ice cream – yum!