Sunday, June 2, 2013

June Photo Challenge Day 2

June 2: First things

Today was the Junior High School’s Sports day. Before any of the sports began, we did ‘rajio taiso,’ which is a Japanese-style warm-up.
今日は運動会があった。 最初はラジオ体操した。

2013-06-02 JHS Sports Day 094

Everyone got to pick a kanji to put on the back of their Tshirt. These two friends, picked the two kanji in ‘friend’ so that when they stand together their shirts say friend.
みんなはTシャツの後ろの漢字が選んだ。 この2人は友と達が選んだ。 一緒に友達になる!

2013-06-02 JHS Sports Day 003

Fever or hot, if I understood correctly, it’s because she has a warm heart, though that may have been lost in translation.

2013-06-02 JHS Sports Day 022

My team, the red team!

2013-06-02 JHS Sports Day 042

I like taking jumping photos – it’s a fun challenge to try and get the timing right.

2013-06-02 JHS Sports Day 361

I laughed when I saw this part of the obstacle & relay race. Two students have to get in a cardboard box and move to the end of their part of the relay.

2013-06-02 JHS Sports Day 451

The tunnel race. It always looks like a lot of fun!

2013-06-02 JHS Sports Day 583

After sports day, we had party for the teachers. It was a lot of fun, though I was both happy and embarrassed when a teacher picked me as an MVP for taking photos and went on to say he thinks my photos are better than the town photographers!

2013-06-02 JHS Sports Day 686