Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sea of clouds

On Saturday morning, a friend and left town at 4am so owe could see the Sea of Clouds in Tomamu.


When we were driving my friend kept talking about ‘unkai.’ So I decided to look it up. The kanji are “sea” and “clouds.” She was surprised that I understood the kanji, but not the actual word. Those are super easy kanji, but together I wouldn’t have thought they’d be read like that.

運転中に友達は「うんかい」よく言った。 私はうんかいが分からなかったから、辞書に探した。 漢字は「雲海」! 漢字は分かり安い。 でも、読み方は難しかった。

This was the view on the way up.


2013-06-08 untitled 014

2013-06-08 untitled 020

2013-06-08 untitled 032

This direction isn’t the main thing to see, but if we could just get a little higher, I think it’d be really pretty too.


2013-06-08 untitled 034

My friend and I.


2013-06-08 untitled 037

2013-06-08 untitled 039

The view on the way down.


2013-06-08 untitled 043

After we got back, it was about 8 am and time for a nap.