Thursday, November 17, 2011

365 projet

I’ve had several friends on flickr start 365 projects. The idea is simple: take and post a photo everyday. It doesn’t have to be on flickr, but somewhere.

This last year, I had a friend who decided to do it, but posted her photos once a week on her blog. One of my favorite photographers on both Flickr and Google+, Takahiro Yamamoto, wrote about his experience doing a 356 project, here.

I’ve contemplated doing this several times, but each time decided that I probably wouldn’t be able to post everyday and then tried to start other things with friends (like photo of the week).

After some success with the photo of the week challenge, I’m going to do a 366 challenge in 2012. Why 366? It’s a leap year! It means I get to take one more photo next year.

The tip of the flower
Practicing for the 366 project
I’m not completely sure whether I will have internet access everyday or if I will even be in the same place for the whole year, yet, but I’m going to try to do it and see what happens. I may end up being a big failure, or I might discover some new places or angles for photography that I like.

The results will be posted to Google+ and flickr and possibly here, too.

What is something creative that you’ve been contemplating doing but procrastinating on?