Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy thanksgiving to all of you in the USA! Thanksgiving just ended here (18 minutes ago), and it's a semi blog-less day. I'm still awake, but I should have blogged before midnight :)

Though I celebrated yesterday (more on that soon), I spent my Thanksgiving with my elementary students. With one school we learned about animals and had lunch. After lunch I headed to school 2 and got to teach all of the 5th grade in my whole school district, for a total of 27 students. They're going to be an awesome bunch when they get to junior high, they are so excited about English.

After school, I came home and packed for my fun trip tomorrow to the NaNoWriMo write in. I won't be working on a novel, but I'll be aiming to get some pre-blogging done and learn how to use my photo editor (GIMP). Looking forward to finding lessons online and learning.

After packing, I started on a dessert to take with me this weekend and dinner. A friend who I hung out with last week came over for dinner and a movie. She had rented 500 Days of Summer and it was due back tomorrow, so we decided to have a movie night.

I made pumpkin soup, she brought bread and we sampled tomorrow's dessert. It was great fun.

But now it's off to bed for me, because I have a fun and driving filled day tomorrow!

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