Tuesday, November 15, 2011

School festival

On Saturday one of my small schools had it’s school festival. The school only has 9 students, but they are some of my most fun kids because when I go I get to spend the day there and get to know the students the best because of it.

Most things during the festival were done on stage so they dimmed the lights. Here’s the reflection of those who were on stage. Around the edges are all the slippers that everyone wore inside, but were expected not to wear on the roll-out tatami mats that had been laid out for sitting on.

2011-11-12 Shimokin Fest 004

My kids did Yosoki. It’s a kind of Japanese dance. I blogged about the festival in Sapporo here. It’s one of my favorite parts of Japanese culture because it’s so much fun.

2011-11-12 Shimokin Fest 044

2011-11-12 Shimokin Fest 057

This little guy couldn’t seem to stay in his seat and I can’t exactly blame him. He’s only 3 or 4.

2011-11-12 Shimokin Fest 083

More shoes. I like this part of Japanese culture . . . except when I’ve forgotten something inside and have to change my shoes to be able to go back inside.

2011-11-12 Shimokin Fest 126

A past teacher showed up, Y-sensei. She taught at this school last year, but got moved after she passed her teacher exams. It was fun to see her and catch up on all the things that have happened since April – the end of the school year.

2011-11-12 Shimokin Fest 128

I also got to have a good chat with a bunch of the seniors in town, because we (Y-sensei and I) sat with them for lunch. They were a lot of fun, especially one that reminds me of my Uncle Tony (or rather Mom’s).
It was a really fun experience, though I spent a lot of the day coughing.