Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A beautiful Sunday walk

After playing cards the night before, Sunday morning was absolutely gorgeous.


2013-04-21 07.28.55

With beautiful weather like that and everyone still asleep, I knew a morning walk to the lake was in store. So while everyone else slept in, I went for a walk.


Unfortunately the early morning light was already gone by the time I got outside, but the weather was still beautiful.

Here’s a cabin like the one we stayed in.

はやい朝の光が終わったけど、天気はきれいだった。 近いコーテジ。

2013-04-21 2013-04-21 Uno & Lake 003

The lake was a short walk from the cabin and being out in the sunshine made me smile a lot.

コテージから湖は近かった。 太陽があったから、うれしかった。

2013-04-21 2013-04-21 Uno & Lake 005

Until now, I hadn’t managed to capture the reflections on the lake.


2013-04-21 2013-04-21 Uno & Lake 009

One of the walking paths.


2013-04-21 2013-04-21 Uno & Lake 017

Even if I still should have been asleep, it was a beautiful way to spend Sunday morning.