Thursday, April 4, 2013

Welcome party!

Today was the entrance ceremony for the new 1st year students at the junior high school. In Japan, the elementary students don’t wear school uniforms, so I’ve seen them lots of times in regular clothes, but not looking so spiffy in their uniforms.

今日中学で入学式。 日本には小学生は制服が着ないから、毎年新しい1年生がかわいいと思う。

This evening we had a welcome party for the new teachers. Mr. I read information about the new teachers and we had to guess which teacher’s info he was reading. It was fun getting to talk with the new teachers and the ones who had been around for a while.

夕方に新しい先生のため歓迎会があった。I先生は新しい先生の自己紹介から読んだ。 私たちはどちらと答えた。 新しい先生と去年にいた先生と会話が楽しかった。

One of my favorite things at these kinds of parties is once the teachers start drinking, even a little, how much random English comes out.


2013-04-04 2013-04-04 JHS Kangeikai 001

At the end we took a picture. The first one was relatively normal. But this one shows more of the attitude of the evening.

最後に写真を撮った。 最少のは普通けど、この写真はえんかいの気持ちのほうが近い。

2013-04-04 2013-04-04 JHS Kangeikai 004

Totally irrelevant to the rest of the post, I started a new crochet project today!


2013-04-04 2013-04-04 JHS Kangeikai 006