Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fun moments in the classroom

In Japan, students and their teachers eat lunch in the classroom. It’s a fun time to get to chat with the students about whatever is going on and usually a good chance to practice my Japanese.

日本では生徒と先生と教室に給食を食べる。生徒と話したながら、日本語を練習した。 楽しい給食時間を過ごした!

Yesterday, I walked in to the 2nd year classroom (where I eat my lunch), and one of my students was singing my name, “Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca!” I didn’t know why, but it made me laugh.


After a few times of this, I decided that if he was going to be silly, I could be too. So I started singing his name back to him, “D~, D~, D~.” He got a laugh out of that, too.

数回の後、その面白かったら、私もできる。 だから、私もその生徒の名前を歌った、「D~、D~、D~」。 彼も笑った。

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The second year teachers!


2nd year teachers