Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Yakiniku with my big ES

Last Friday, I got to continue my yakiniku-life and have a party with some of the elementary school teachers. It was a ton of fun.

2013-07-19 Ikutora Yakiniku 001

Here’s all the food. Look at all the veggies!

2013-07-19 Ikutora Yakiniku 002

Starting the barbecue.

2013-07-19 Ikutora Yakiniku 003

Two teachers I really like teaching with.

2013-07-19 Ikutora Yakiniku 004

They have eyes!

2013-07-19 Ikutora Yakiniku 006

Garlic chives. I don’t think I’d eaten these before, but they taste like garlic. I ate half the ones that were put on the grill during the first go-round.

2013-07-19 Ikutora Yakiniku 007

I waited a little too long in the fading light . . . should have taken a group shot earlier.

2013-07-19 Ikutora Yakiniku 011

After it was dark, we played bingo. I was in the loud group, shouting at the teacher who was calling the numbers that they must be wrong because they weren’t our cards . . . I’m never in the loud group in Japanese.