Friday, November 8, 2013

Monday Holiday

After our adventures to the Sea of Clouds, K and I went for bagels. Somehow she’d never been to the bagel shop – it’s probably my favorite shop in town.

2013-10-14 Monday Holiday 035

Of course, we had to peek at the fall colors surrounding the river near the bagel shop.

2013-10-14 Monday Holiday 037

We went a little closer to the water.

2013-10-14 Monday Holiday 040

We took the road out to see the view. The mountains were gorgeous, but they’re so tiny in this shot. Wide angle didn’t work so well.

2013-10-14 Monday Holiday 046

After that, we split up for a bit and then met back up for lunch. We went to the café by the lake, Ito-ya, for it’s last day of the season.

2013-10-14 17.17.36

We had curry, which was perfect for the slightly chilly day.

2013-10-14 Monday Holiday 051

I had chai, of course!

2013-10-14 Monday Holiday 052

This is Mrs. I. She always takes good care of us.

2013-10-14 Monday Holiday 053

A, K, and I after our fun lunch.

2013-10-14 Monday Holiday 054

It was a wonderful way to spend the weekend after being sick the week before.