Friday, March 8, 2013

Photo Challenge Day 8

March 8: Leap

Leap fail

This is photo challenge fail day. I had the leap idea. I wanted to set the flash behind me and light the background and not me. Now that I’ve tried it, I’ve got an idea of how I could do it next time for better results.

The failed photos: 1. Totally out of focus, using the remote. 2. The shutter speed was too fast for the flash, only a portion of the sensor was even exposed while the flash was firing. 3. One of the many jump shots where I only managed to get part of myself in the frame. 4. An interesting portrait that ended up being lit by the flash behind me (all white walls work pretty well as reflectors to get the light back down on me.

The gear:

2013-03-08 20.01.28

What I used to take these shots: Nikon D5100, a speed light, a super cheap tripod, a remote and a wireless flash trigger (one part for the camera and one part for the flash).

I think, to take this picture again, I’d find a white sheet and hang it, light it from one side and have me jump on the other. I also might need a bigger space.

All in all, it was good because I haven’t experimented with the flash very much since I bought it. I really like the way the lighting in the picture on the bottom right turned out.

I took a ton of pictures, I suspect that anyone who could see the flash going off again and again in my window thought I was nuts.

*  *  *  *  *

Today was the last day the 3rd year students were around before Graduation. They first and second year students planned some fun games to play and a video. The video started with all the commercials the kids had recorded for school festivals. Things like a beer commercial (with the commercial in the bottom left) and the kids acting it out using school milk. The majority of the video was pictures of them over their 3 years of JHS. I’ll be sad to not see these kids all the time anymore.