Thursday, March 28, 2013

Photo Challenge Day 28

March 28: Backlit

2013-03-28 Backlit 007-2

Today was HARD. It didn't help that I didn't start thinking about it until 30 minutes ago . . . I should have been thinking about it more, but I just figured something would turn up. But I wasn't really looking. 9 pm at night is a hard time to find something backlit.

*  *  *  *  *

Spring break has been great because I've been able to find excuses to have lunch with and skype with friends both here and overseas. It’s been a good week friend-wise.

Today I had lunch with the teachers from the high school. Two of them are leaving. It’s going to be strange next year.

2013-03-28 13.22.57

Today I got the new seating chart for the staff-room in the high school. I was very surprised. We’re only getting 4 new teachers in the staff-room of 14, but so many teachers got married this year, that I could only read half of the names on the chart – all the rest had kanji I didn’t know.