Saturday, March 16, 2013

Photo Challenge Day 16

March 16: big vs. tiny

2013-03-16 15.32.29

In this picture the tree looks big, but compared to town it’s tiny. And the town looks tiny, but really it’s huge. (Sorry it's not an amazing picture, I'm not good enough yet to board with my real camera). 

Taken, of course, at the top of a ski hill this afternoon. I went out with the group of friends who are the same age as me to go boarding today. We did lots of super steep courses. And there was sooo much powder. I probably spent the better half of a couple of courses falling in the powder rather than snowboarding!

*  *  *  *  *

After boarding, we went for dinner. We ate one of my favorite Japanese foods, soup curry.

2013-03-16 17.42.03

Here are the friends I went boarding with, Aya and Ami. 

2013-03-16 17.42.48