Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Photo Challenge Day 26

March 26: Collage

2013-03-26 21.08.09

Random bits of my day. I studied Japanese and drank tea. I attempted to edit the HEC videos – unfortunately with two cameras they were in two different formats. But, switching to my PC meant getting them off the camera took 15 minutes rather than 45 with my tiny work computer. Last, but not least, I found a bunch of super cute Japanese chocolates to eat this afternoon.

Other than that, I had choir today – the difficult song is difficult!

Also, we had a long-awaited Google Plus hangout with the crazies. Not everyone was available, but it was good times anyways! Here are a couple of “group shots!”

At the top: Ben. Across the bottom: Me, Ben (in New Zealand), Jess and Kenzle (in the US).

hangout_snapshot_0 (1)

Round 2: OC and Jess. Bottom: Me , OC & Jess, Kenzle.