Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Photo Challenge Day 5

March 5: #widn (what I’m doing now)

2013-03-05 23.17.26

What I’m doing now seems like a bit of a cheater topic . . . there were a lot of ‘now’s in my day and obviously now I’m blogging.

On Friday at the school snow festival, I met a bunch of people who are my age and all like snowboarding. We decided we should go boarding together, so that’s what I did this evening.

The top 3 pictures are from boarding. The big one is the group I was boarding with. The top right was the view from the ski hill. The middle is an obvious sign of getting more comfortable with all of this – I took my phone out and took a picture, on the lift!

The bottom 3 are from dinner after wards (at about 9 pm). The far left is potato & cheese mochi – yum! The middle is the girls I got to have dinner with (the one guy in our group had to leave before dinner). And the bottom right was dinner’s main course – Ochazuke.

Ochazuke is a bowl of rice with soup poured on top and topped with various toppings. This one had octopus, wasabi, nori and sesame seeds on top. Yum!

As for yesterday’s mystery picture, since no one was even close, I’m giving you all another day to figure out what it is before I reveal it.

*  *  *  *  *

Even before snowboarding and dinner, it was a fun filled day. 

I got to teach the first and second year students at the JHS and the more comfortable with this job I get, the more fun both the students and I have. I also had an elementary visit with the school whose festival I went to on Friday. That was fun both because the kids are awesome and it meant a ride in the car with a JTE who also loves photography and has a super old all manual Nikon. We had fun chatting about cameras on our way to school. 

The afternoon brought taxes. I almost forgot the darn things this year. Filing US taxes when I don't have to pay them seems like such a waste of time and paper. I got the form 2555-ez finished. The hardest part of that was a minor shock when I realized how close I had come to being in the US for more than 36 days this year - I thought I was going to have to look at alternative beginning and end dates until I realized I had totally mis-calclulated the time I was at home before New Years. Tomorrow I'll do the 1040 and then they'll be off!