Monday, March 25, 2013

Photo Challenge Day 25

March 25: Guilty Pleasures

2013-03-25 Guilty Pleasure 004

I think I need a cat! I considered chocolate for this one, and instead, aiming to be less cliché decided to go with crochet and reading (two really big time wasters in my life). I sound like such an old lady! Tea and Facebook could have also made that list though . . .

*  *  *  *  *

This is the scene that greeted my eyes this morning as I drove to work. It’s going to be bicycling weather soon!

2013-03-25 08.51.58

We recorded the HEC test today for my JHS kids. They did so well! But the day was a bit chaotic.
It started when my second student wasn’t at school. He had forgotten the test! Luckily, we moved right along and had him go last.

The camera was a bit of a fail though – I hope not a real fail, but I’ll find out tomorrow. With 3 minutes left in the test, it made a funny beeping sound which I immediately knew was because it had stopped recording. I had my student stop asking questions immediately and went to try to find out what happened – the sd card I put inside was definitely big enough. Turns out, it wasn’t writing to the card, but to some mysterious internal memory. I had no idea how to make it write to the card, so we used my SLR to finish the last 3 minutes of the test. We’ll see tomorrow if this all ended up working out ok, or not!

After that, I went home and had a nice phone call during lunch with a good friend back home.
Shortly after that, I went over to the high school to meet the new English teacher. She’s just graduated and likes snowboarding, too! I hope we’ll have a lot of fun teaching together. I still can’t believe the teacher I’ve been teaching with there is leaving so soon. I’m going to miss getting to see her everyday.

In a much more fun spurt of creativity, I decided it was time to re-arrange the pictures on my walls – when I had a bigger place, I’d re-arrange the furniture. Now, I wait till my pictures all fall down (approximately a month with the sticky tack I was using) and then re-arrange.

Here’s a pile of prints that I was deciding what to do with.

2013-03-25 18.52.18

This is next to my sliding glass doors.

2013-03-25 19.22.40

And here is my favorite part – the ceiling/wall between the living room and the bedroom.

2013-03-25 19.22.00

In all, it was a really good day.