Thursday, March 21, 2013

Photo Challenge Day 20 & 21

March 20: On my feet

2013-03-20 2013-03-20 On my feet 002

What was on my feet yesterday? The camera socks mom gave me! Fitting, right?

March 21: close-up

2013-03-21 2013-03-21 Close-up 007

I procrastinated again. So in looking around my living room for something interesting to photograph, I found my journal. The pages look kinda cool close up and only partially in focus, don’t you think?

*  *  *  *  *

Yesterday was the first day of spring, so we had the day off. So, I went to lunch with my friend Minami. We had hamburg curry. It was yummy.

2013-03-21 10.06.32

After lunch, we went for coffee. It was rainy, but warm (5C/40F) yesterday. I was so surprised because we had lots and lots of rain.

2013-03-20 2013-03-20 On my feet 001

It was tons of fun. I also got more work finished on my crochet project. Pictures will be posted eventually, but since it’s a gift for a friend, I want to keep it a secret for now.

After yesterday’s “spring” visit, Hokkaido winter decided it wanted to show us who’s boss. We got 6 inches or so of snow last night and it snowed like crazy all day. I had eikaiwa tonight, or I would have wanted to go out on the ski hill and practice a bit more before it closes on Saturday.

2013-03-21 15.32.20

I had my last practice with my high school HEC kids this afternoon. They’re hilarious. One said the other had large eyes and then she decided to use her ruler to measure her friend’s eyes. Between that and a comment about her friend being a fish-pig, we were all laughing so hard. I have such awesome students.