Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Golden Week Day 7

You can see the pics posted during the trip here.

Breakfast with our new friends before we all head different directions.

(Photo by Oskar, Oは写真を撮った)


Our friend M gave us a ride to the station.

2013-05-03 10.31.43

2013-05-03 10.32.12

After we split up, Mandie and I headed to Tokyo station.

2013-05-03 Tokyo 002

2013-05-03 Tokyo 004

2013-05-03 Tokyo 005

Mandie wanted to see a castle, so we headed to the Imperial Palace. I hadn’t really considered that we wouldn’t even be able to see the gardens inside.

2013-05-03 Tokyo 006

2013-05-03 Tokyo 008

2013-05-03 Tokyo 014

2013-05-03 Tokyo 015

At a park nearby, there was a protest. We didn’t know why.

2013-05-03 Tokyo 026

2013-05-03 Tokyo 029

Because of the protest, there were cops all around the park, but when we first saw the cops, we didn’t know about the protest and we wondered why they were so heavily guarding a park.

2013-05-03 Tokyo 030

2013-05-03 Tokyo 031

After our walk, we went back to the hostel and then out for dinner. Here’s Mandie with her first-ever onigiri (rice ball).

2013-05-03 21.33.03

Dessert – a strawberry sandwich.

2013-05-03 23.45.50